The Encinitas Fire Department provides a wide array of public safety services. These services include fire protection, emergency response, medical aid, fire prevention, disaster preparedness, search and rescue, lifeguard services and community education programs. In 2010, the Fire Department responded to 5,128 calls involving fire and medical emergencies, including structure fires, vegetation fires, vehicle fires and medical aids, such as heart attacks, vehicle accidents, seizures and respiratory difficulties. The demand for our services continues to increase. Over a ten year period (2000-2010) the Department’s call volume increased by 27%, while the population of Encinitas increased by only 2.6% during that same period.

The Department has 68 full-time employees and five divisions: Fire Operations and Support Services, Fire Administration, Loss Prevention and Planning (Fire Prevention), Disaster Preparedness and Marine Safety Services. The Department operates six fire stations and is responsible for responding to a variety of emergencies in a 23 square mile area. In 2010, the Department’s average response time for the city as a whole was 4 minutes and 56 seconds. The Insurance Services Organization (which rates fire departments based on the effectiveness of their response capabilities) gave the Department a rating of 3, which is the third best among North County departments and has resulted in lower homeowners insurance premiums for Encinitas residents.

The Department coordinates with the San Dieguito Ambulance District, also known as County Service Area 17 (CSA 17), for ambulance services. The ambulance service provider currently contracted to provide services for Encinitas residents is American Medical Response (AMR).


Emergency Preparedness
Provides all aspects of emergency management, including disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery measures.

Fire Administration
Provides non-emergency general information, management and support to overall department.

Fire Operations, Suppression & EMS
Fire suppression personnel, apparatus, facilities and training. Emergency Medical Services.

Fire Prevention
Fire Marshal's Office, inquiries concerning inspections, plan checks, and fire hazard complaints.

Marine Safety
Provides ocean beach public safety and rescue. Junior Lifeguard Program.

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