Legislative Program


Throughout each year, the State Legislature and the United States Congress propose and enact legislation, some of which affects local municipal government. The League of California Cities and a contracted government relations firm keep the City of Encinitas informed on proposed legislation from these bodies. At times, it is in the interests of the City to take a position on proposed legislation. This program follows Council Administrative Policy C024 for process and the legislative priorities listed herein.

Priorities and Process

The Legislative Program provides guidelines for the City of Encinitas legislative advocacy. The primary priority areas include:  

  • Protect funding for vital community services
  • Protect local control of land-use decision-making 
  • Support environmentally sustainable cities 
  • Expand infrastructure investment 
  • Public Safety / Public Health
  • Coastal protection and enhancement

For proposed legislation, either consistent with the City’s legislative priorities or consistent with legislative positions the City has taken in the past, staff is authorized to prepare position letters for the Mayor’s signature and place the letters on Council’s consent agenda for potential comment prior to being sent. If the Mayor is unavailable, the Deputy Mayor is authorized to sign position letters. All members of City Council receive electronic copies of sent position letters. The City’s government relations firm may also be authorized to express the City’s position in person to legislative representatives.

 For Council positions on legislation not addressed in the City’s legislative priorities, a proponent may follow City Administrative Policy C003 to place an item on Council’s agenda for consideration. Council’s legislative priorities only address issues directly relevant to or impacting the provision of municipal services. Generally, the City will not address matters that are not pertinent to the City’s local government services such as partisan, socially divisive or international issues.


  • Support full reimbursement to cities for all State and federal mandates. 
  • Protect or enhance local government revenue resources. 
  • Oppose State budget cuts targeting critical local programs and services. 
  • Enhance Community Development Block Grant and other federal funding. 
  • Pursue a range of diverse housing opportunities balanced throughout the community.


  • Protect local control of land use decision-making and oppose legislation that would hinder or threaten local control. 
  • Seek opportunities to regain local control over state-imposed density bonus law.
  • Seek legislative relief in applying building construction codes to unpermitted units.


  • Support legislation protecting existing water supply, and facilitating development of future water sources in Southern California. 
  • Support legislation providing funding for the acquisition and restoration of wildlife habitat. 
  • Support legislation that expands, promotes and/or incentivizes water conservation practices and programs. 
  • Support legislation that facilitates and/or promotes the expanded use of local water resources including recycled water, gray water and rain water harvesting.
  • Support legislation that promotes the development of potable water reuse.
  • Support incentives for utilizing renewable energy resources. 
  • Support state-wide plastic bag ban legislation. 
  • Support state-wide expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) ban.        


  • Support equitable long-range, statewide infrastructure investment. 
  • Support State/federal facilitation of timely construction of local transportation projects. 
  • Oppose the use of gasoline sales tax revenues for other than state and local transportation purposes. 
  • Support local rail infrastructure investment.
  • Seek state funding/cost sharing opportunities for state beaches in Encinitas, including Beacon's Beach. 


  • Support funding bills for local law enforcement equipment, services, or personnel. 
  • Ensure local discretion in the adoption and implementation of health and safety standards contained in the building and fire codes. 
  • Support funding bills for local emergency operations including equipment, services, and personnel.
  • Support legislation protecting public health. 


  • Support legislation providing funding and other means for beach replenishment.
  • Additional mandated storm water pollution prevention measures must be accompanied by funding or a mechanism to provide for funding.
  • Support ecosystem enhancing legislation.
  • Support regional and state-wide sea level rise initiatives.
  • Apart from the above listed specific interests, City Council shall be apprised of legislative actions of the County of San Diego.
  • Support legislation introduced by local legislators unless contrary to City priorities.


Bill # Author Title Text Status Position
AB 1 Frazier Transportation funding text status support
SB 1 Beall Transportation funding text status support
SB 431 Bates Accessory Dwelling Units text status sponsor
SB 618 Bradford Integrated Resource Plans text status


SB 649 Hueso Small Cell Facilities text status oppose
AB 1250 Sawyer-Jones Contracts for Personal Services text status oppose
AB 1324  Gloria   Metropolitan planning organizations text  status   support
 H.R. 474 Issa   Interim Consolidated Storage Act of 2017  text  status support 
AB 1129 Stone Coastal resources: beach access
and protection
text status


SB 705 Allen Expanded Polystyrene Food Containers text status support
AB 485 O'Donnell Pet Store Operators: dogs, cats and rabbits text status support
SB 35 Wiener Affordable housing: streamlined approval text status oppose
H.R. 472 Issa Safe Recovery and Community Empowerment Act text status support
SB 242 Skinner PACE Program text status support
AB 805 Gonzalez Fletcher County of San Diego: transportation agencies text status support
CCAs General Legislation Limiting Community Choice Aggregates NA NA


AB 726
AB 813
Holden Electricity: independent system operators (CCAs) text

Watch List of Other Bills

Bill # Author Title Text Status  
AB 30 Caballero  

Planning and zoning: specific plan: housing

Text Status  
AB 71 Chiu

Taxes: credits: low-income housing

Text Status  
AB 72 Santiago

Attorney General: enforcement: housing laws

Text Status  
SB 2 Atkins

Building Homes and Jobs Act

Text Status  
AB 18 Garcia, E

California Clean Water, Climate, and Coastal Protection and Outdoor
Access For All Act of 2018

Text Status  
SB 5 De Leon

California Clean Water, Climate, and Coastal Protection and Outdoor
Access For All Act of 2018

Text Status  
SB 34 Bates

Substance abuse

Text Status  


2015 Legislative Positions

2016 Legislative Positions