Water saving succulent garden.
Water supply and conservation are global concerns. Within the City of Encinitas, there are two distinct water districts: San Dieguito Water District and Olivenhain Municipal Water District.  Each district has different supply, treatment and distribution systems for potable water and serves a different areas of the city. 

While up to 50% of San Dieguito Water District’s water supply is local, from Lake Hodges and the San Dieguito Reservoir, more than 80% off the water consumed in San Diego County is imported from the Colorado River and the Sacramento Bay Delta. Water transportation and treatment in California are estimated to account for more than 20% of energy consumption statewide. The greatest potential future water savings will be gained from continual improvement of appliance efficiency standards, water use behavior change, and a renewed look at how we view, use and maintain our landscapes. To help achieve long term conservation goals, local and regional water agencies offer information, classes and incentive programs.

Please visit these pages for information on free water use evaluations, conservation tips, workshops and more: 

San Dieguito Water District (SDWD)

SDWD Conservation: 760-633-2676, conserve@sdwd.org

SDWD Drought InformationWater in Encinitas

To report leaks: 760-633-2810, drought@sdwd.org

SDWD Facebook

Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD)

OMWD Conservation: 760-753-6466

OMWD Drought Information

To report leaks: 760-753-6466 


OMWD Facebook

The Why and How of Conserving Potable Water Resources

This great infographic helps you understand global water resources and why and how each of us can conserve.

Visit Save Our Water for indoor and outdoor conservation ideas.  

Visita Salve Nuestra Agua para algunas grandes ideas sobre el ahorro de agua, en el interior y exterior de su hogar.

Regional Water Use Efficiency Incentives:

Please check the SDWD webpage or the OMWD webpage for details. 
FREE Water and Energy Saving Kits from SDGE: Conserve water, lower water heating costs and reduce your energy use! The kit includes three faucet aerators and a low-flow showerhead to help you save energy and water. These devices allow air to enter into the water stream, maintaining a high-pressure flow while reducing water usage. Use your SDGE account # to apply

Commercial - Business Water Use Efficiency: 

The EPA WaterSense Best Management Practices provide business specific ideas for conserving our most precious natural resource, water. Use the table of contents to locate ideas for your business type or different water-using technologies. Link to the Water Sense At Work flipbook.

Residential Properties: 

Care for your property while saving water, money and energy. Visit WaterSmart San Diego for some great ideas, rebates, and more!  

Additional Resources:

The Sustainable Landscape Guidelines help residents and professionals achieve multiple benefits, including greater water-use efficiency, storm water management, green waste reduction and embedded energy savings.  

San Diego Botanic Garden 

The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College

CalRecycle Offers Tips to Save Water and Reduce Waste in the Garden

For state information on the drought, visit http://www.drought.ca.gov/.

For county information on the drought, visit the San Diego County Water Authority.