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Income and Rents Schedule

Affordable housing provides an opportunity for lower income households to live at a cost that is generally below the market price.  Income limits and rents are capped at specific percentages of the Area Median Income (AMI).  The income limits are established by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and are updated on an annual basis.  Each affordable housing unit will have different income and rent limits.  Please see the most current Income and Rent schedule below to determine the maximum allowable household income and rent that can be charged.

2016 Income and Rent Schedule
2017 Income and Rent Schedule

*Please note that for affordable housing units subject to California Government Code Section §65915 (Density Bonus), the applicable Income and Rent Limits can be found here.

HOME Program

The HOME Investment Partnership Program is a federally funded affordable housing program through HUD and provides separate income and rent limits. The HOME program limits are updated annually.

2016 HOME Program Income and Rent Schedule
2017 HOME Program Income and Rent Schedule

For more information about the HOME program and property management resources, please visit the HOME Program Website.

Utility Allowance Schedule

Affordable units include an allowance for tenant-paid utilities, such as water or electricity. The Encinitas Housing Authority publishes a Utility Allowance Schedule on an annual basis, and is utilized for all of the affordable housing units within the City.

2016 Utility Allowance Schedule
2017 Utility Allowance Schedule

Compliance Monitoring

The City monitors the affordable housing units on an annual basis to ensure continued compliance with affordability restrictions and requirements. The following forms are some of the primary tools used in the monitoring process.

2017 Income & Rent Certification Form
Verification of Employment Form
Owner-Occupied Certification Form
Income Calculation Worksheet

For more information, please contact: Nicole Piano-Jones, Management Analyst at (760) 943-2237 or